Bailey of Bristol Extend 2020 Service Window

Bailey of Bristol Extend Service Window

Following the Government announcements of Tier changes and other lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom to help prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, Bailey of Bristol have released the following updates.

2020 Service Window Extension

In order to accommodate customers who have been unable to get their vehicle serviced this winter we have taken the decision to extend the due date of the 2020 annual vehicle service by a further three months. This means that anybody scheduled to have their caravan or motorhome serviced from October 2020 to March 2021 will now have an additional six months in total to do so. Provided the vehicle is serviced in this extended window then the warranty will remain valid.

The additional three month window extension applies to all vehicle services during the warranty period. This will mean owners of vehicles requiring their third or six year annual service will therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, potentially enjoy an additional six months on the term on their manufacturers’ warranty or bodyshell integrity warranty.

Whilst, at present, the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the four home nations may differ this service window extension will be applicable across the whole of the UK if required.

The date of the 2021 annual service will however need to be brought back in line with the anniversary of the original date of purchase. This will mean that the required interval between 2020 and 2021 annual services may well be less than twelve-months in order for the warranty to continue to be maintained.

Should you or your customers have any concerns on this matter, please contact the Customer Service Team who will be able to review on a case by case basis.

120-Hour Product Inspections

We have been contacted by Retailers stating that although they will remain closed during the lockdown period they will still be in a position to accept new product deliveries, but will not however be able to carry out the usual 120-hour vehicle inspection of the vehicles upon receipt.

This being the case we will allow Retailers a period of five working days after they have re-opened once the lockdown has ended to complete the 120-hour inspections on any products received in the interim period. Please submit any warranty claims in relation to these inspections in the usual manner.

Repair Centre

The Bailey Repair Centre will remain operational during the lockdown period working on the warranty and insurance repairs on customer vehicles currently held at the factory. Where possible we will continue to collect and return customer repair vehicles based upon the existing schedule. Unfortunately for safety reasons our Rapid Response Service will be suspended until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in the face of these challenging circumstances.

For any questions about this information please contact our team here.