Ventura Vivo Awning

 Awning Details
Pricing £1,139
Size Min300
ColourBlue, Grey, Orange
Frame materialInflatable
Roof materialPolyester
Wall materialPolyester
 Awning Additional Details

Compact and smart porch for caravans, motorhomes and vans. With its elegant and simple shape, Vivo is the perfect choice for short vacations in the great outdoors. Vivo is extremely easy to set up and can very easily be transformed into an open canopy to create shading during your sunny adventures. The draught excluder with air tube secures a perfect fit against the caravan and the fitted two different diameter beading makes it fixable for both caravans, motorhomes and vans. Vivo is your true and simple travel companion and has everything you need for a great outdoor holiday. Sewn-in blinds, wide open front/ sides and easy set up makes you ready for vacationing almost instantly when having a Vivo air porch. Travelling together with a Vivo is simply fun and enjoyable because of the easy construction, shape and cool look. Vivo comes in 2 sizes. Vivo with blue trim is for caravans with a maximum awning rail height of 255 cm and Vivo with orange trim is for motorhomes with a max. height of 270-290 cm

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