Ventura Trinus 400 Awning

 Awning Details
Pricing £1,299
Size Min400
ColourBlue, Grey
Frame materialInflatable
Roof materialPolyester
Wall materialPolyester
 Awning Additional Details

Travel with air is both simple, spacious and fast in a Trinus 400. Due to the amazing light panels in the roof and spacious living area, the Trinus 400 is the perfect travel air porch for the whole family. The optional Ventura Air Annex can be fitted to either side offering additional space. Well-known Isabella materials and unique features create the best possible outdoor adventure. The draught excluder Air tube connects the porch to the caravan effortlessly and the small front canopy creates a very spacious feel to the Trinus 400. Support poles and advanced air system make the Ventura Air Trinus 400 very stable and reliable as your true travel companion.

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