Isabella Penta Flint Awning

 Awning Details
Pricing £2,285 to £3,730
Size Min875
Size Max1350
ColourGrey, Steel
Frame materialSteel
Roof materialFibre dyed Isacryl
Wall materialFibre dyed Isacryl
 Awning Additional Details

Penta Flint has everything you require from a permanent pitch awning - a depth of 3.5 m without the nuisance of a centre pole, and designed so that every inch of space is used. The material used is Isacryl, which allows the awning to breathe. Mosquito net windows in both sides, and the numerous opening options, make for an optimal indoor climate. A sand-coloured roof imbues the awning with a soft warm light and the combination of the light strip in the roof and the large windows of clear film make the Penta Flint awning a bright and friendly place to spend time. The sturdy pole construction and the pentagonal shape mean stability for a long season at the campsite. Choose between the strong Zinox steel frame or the extra-strong Zinox MegaFrame for added stability. The combination of MegaFrame with extra winter securing means you can use your Penta Flint all year round. Special features: Overhang all the way around, light panels in middle of roof. Two large side ventilation windows with mosquito nets, corner door right front, two door options. Optional extras: Annex 220, door canopy, inner roof, partition wall, storm securing set.

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